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 Exchange or Buying offer

The here indicated engines are up-to-date available and can be delivered at short notice. A delivery, also export, is no problem. We co-operate with a reliable transport !! If you would like to give your used or defective engine back to us ,we will make you an offer.
price on demand

Used or new engines

Building up a spare or Tuning engine is for laymen or people without appropriate tools a complex and time-consuming affair. Often it is more simply and also more worthwhile to use an already finished developed and adjusted engine. All our engines are proofed and new adjusted with new belts, oilfilter, spark plugs, gaskets and nuts for exhaust and velocity stacks.
Our engines are always fully maintenanced ! The following amounts will be safed while purchasing one of our engines:

  • Inspection. Adjustments and material at Ducati 2 V engines = approx. 280 €
  • Oilfilter 10,-
  • Timing belts = approx. 60 €
  • Gaskets = approx. 40-130 €
  • Flywheel = 99-128 €
  • you save approx. 550,- complete
    At the Ducati 4 V engines:
  • Inspection. Adjustments and material at Ducati 2 V engines = approx. 480 €
  • Oilfilter 10,-
  • Timing belts = approx. 100 €
  • Spark plugs = approx. 15-30 €
  • Gaskets = approx. 40-130 €
  • Flywheel = 99-128 €
  • you save approx 792,50 complete

    Alternator, and electric starter are always included. Engines will be delivered without clutch, if nothing is written in the description. Here you can find our actual engine list. If you cannot find a suitable engine please dont hesitate to contact us. All engines are delivered with full paperwork,valve adjustment paper sheet,income or outgoing controll paper ,discription and recommended service maintenance instructioms aso .!!!
    price on demand

 Read here the feedback that we have received from our customers to the motors !

Special wishes?

Naturally we can develop the engine after your conceptions. Please consider that upon a re-equipment additional parts like wiring harness, computer or injecting body coul be necessary. Usually we have these parts new or used in stock. In each case please contact us to discuss the details.
price on demand

 Engine transport/shipping worldwide

Naturally we offer the transport of the engines.Our !! We ship worldwide. Safety packed in a wooden box, mounted on a engine stand. Please ask for delivery costs. The price for the box and stand is 125 € excl. tax.

If you return the engine stand and transport box you get the money back. But we dont pay for re-turning costs!

EUR 145,-

Description!!!!!!! Woodruff key generator rotor

ALL our engines up to 98 modell only !!!!are delivered without the wooduff key for the generator rotor!!
In case of the loosening of the left-sided crankshaft nut the rotor turns loose and free and the motorcycle stops because of empty battery. But it does not produce any damages like seizing up the rotor or crankshaft.
You will notice this immediately and nut can be tightened again without circumstances and costs!!!
So this procedure is a safety modification!!
The loosening of the left-sided nut from crank is a Ducati typical problem and it is expressly noted on our service sheets, which are attached to each engine,that this nut must be controlled and fastened tight at each service or inspection to minimize the danger of the looosening !!
So the missing woodruff key is no mistake ,it is like it should be in our eyes !!! Regards Rüdiger Kämna
price on demand

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