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Ducati Clubrace in Assen 2014

It was a brilliant race weekend, best sunny weather, many, many racebikes on track and also in the paddock you could see a lot of interesting stuff.

This year we shared our pit with the JSB Racing Team from Denmark and Ulf Hansen, also from Denmark.


After a long brake of doing racing, Ulf is now riding his Panigale R in the Nordic BOT.

JSB with rider Allan Östli from SBS Brakes on their new 014 Supermono Racer are totally satisfied with technics and handling from new Pierobon frame! And they made also 2nd and a 3rd place in two Supermono races.

Harald Kock won the 3D Cup race on Panigale, Johnny Kock 3rd place. 

Marcel Rothe with self made Racer on ST3 engine base made the second place in his class.
Biggest congratulations to all of them!
Was a fantastic race weekend!

And here some more impressions of the weekend: