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Ducati Clubrace in Assen 2016

Ducati Clubrace Assen 2016


A brilliant weekend for all of us, great atmosphere, nice weather and visitors, also some very special guests. At first we want to say thank you to Rino Carracchi (one of the founder from NCR ; C= Carracchi. He visited us thogether with his son Stefano and Giorgio Casolari (Pistal Racing). Meanwhile Rino is 82 years old and we know him sice the 80's where NCR was active in their heritage workshop! We organized a big surprise for them, the last Superbike which Rino built for his son and the Italian Championship 1989. Both were very happy to see this bike again and that we exposed it in Assen!




Ole Bartschat started for us and made a great job, best laptime in trainging & pole position! And amaizing start in the race and nearly 20 sec gap after a few rounds, then bad luck with the technic and dropping out!

Louis Rademaker, also with our technic and built up engine by us, dominated and won the race, secont was Rene Thijssen on NCR Millona S.


Biggest congratulation! Fantastic race and victory!




Also the complete Team from Britten racing came with 2 Britten bikes from Newzealand to visit the Clubrace. This was an absolute highlight of this years Ducati Clubrace! Some demo rides and the presentation of the bikes were a good chance to have a closer look on this special bikes and to have some „fuel-talk“ with the grandiose Team!




Fianlly we presented our Panigale – Old School Cafe Racer project and got some very nice feedback and lot's of ideas which can use for further steps on this project!!!

Total enthusiasm ...“this swingarm“...“this slim line“...“more of the same“...




We want to say thank you again to everybody again, and a special thanks to the organisation team of the Clubrace for this big event, we are looking forward to Clubrace 2017 :)


See you soon and best regards,

your Ducati-Aprilia-Team


Ingo, Ralf, Timo, Rüdiger & Hauke



Here some more impressions from Ducati Clubrace in Assen 2016

Ducati Clubrace Assen 2016