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Ducati Speed Days 2012

A very nice 3 day festival, as revival of the legendary Speedweek in Zeltweg. Organized from BLM, central in europe, so a lot of italian, german and austrian Ducati racer visited it.

We came down with our Demon EVO-R with Agoston Rosivall as rider. On friday Agoston did a very very good lap time of 1:37min, faster than Mario Ioannoni on his 998RS-Factory World Championship bike! Just Chris Zeiser, 1198 - IDM pilot and Dario Marchetti, 1098R - World Championship Endurance racer were a little bit faster.

So we saved the 1. start position with our 2 valve bike in the 4 valve class with a lot of competition! In the open class, means Panigale, 1198R, S / 1098R, S, 999RS aso. we got the second start position!!! What a great show! A view to the podium agains hottest 4 valve bikes!!!

On saturday afternoon the complete time table for sunday was changed, because of severe thunderstorm warning. So the races started one after the other up from 9 o\'clock in the morning, just the last race (open class) started after the prescribed lunchhour. So we decied to pack our stuff after the first race and go home (1100km) before the thunderstorm arrives. By the way, did\'t worked, but we started as early as possible and arrived half past two at the night at home.

The race was really thrilling! Again, Ago missed the start a little bit and half of all starters overtook him. But on the brake, with the help of our dream 2 valve weight of 125Kg, he got them all and after the first corner there was a big distance to second one! A small video of the start can be found on

The distance to the second one, Mario Ioannoni on his 998RS Factory World championship bike, was very big and Ago didn\\\'t missed the lead the whole race! So Ago first, Mario Ioannoni second and Wolfgang from Ducati Wien third. What a thriller!

This lead and podiums first place is very special we think, because the Red Bull Ring is a real speed course, not smooth, so you need a lot of power aso... and we won with our 2 valve bike against very, very fast 4 valve bikes!

Fabio Frankenberger and Adrian, also both Demon riders, did a very good race in their class. Fabio (15 years old) raced to the second place and Adrian (also 15 years old) third place! Congratulations to both of them! Fantastic team! Congratulations again and all the best for their following rides!

Also we met some very nice people again, Peter Tischer from Ducati Clup Kernten, Andreas Insam (Motowippe Racing), Heribert-Kilian Braunbart from Ducati Salzburg and an italian race team with a water cooled 2 valve race bike with two camshafts per cylinder (142hp at the rear wheel), but they really didn\'t get the speed of our Demon.

The construction was amazing with point of view of the consitantly outworking! The engine was mounted in a Bimota frame

Special thanks to Wolfgang and Zoki from Ducati Wien for the very nice accommodation and the team arround. Also special thanks to Didi Brandl from BLM who organized this special festival and to Agoston Rosivall and of course all the other ones we have forgotten... Next year we will be there again! An absolute highlight in the Ducati time table!