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Festival Italia 2011

Festival Italia 2011 23-26.6.2011 This year we had phantastic race weather again! No rain! And the atmosphere was great. This year we mostly care about our customers, many were racing here.

In the Supertwins group, Lex van Dijk (Gilex, with a 1100ccm 2 valve engine tuned by us) won with a very big advantage of almost 10 seconds

In the Festival Classic div.3 the team Motowippe Racing made a double win. Andreas Insam was the winner, closely followed by his colleague Thorsten Schulze.

In the training Per Bay Christensen did some very good rounf times, was enough for the first start line.

Daniel Blanchard won the Festival Classic div.2 with his 450ccm singel zylinder Bevel and...

... even laped this 750SS!

In the proBEARS series Rainer Stäbe on his 851 had a hard fight with some 748R and 749, but he did a very good 9th place. After a bad start he made his personal best lap time of 1:42. With a very small advantage Dannis Glass (Desmo Loerzen) made the 8th place with his 748R.

In the 3D Cup Marcel Kock (Affetto Ducati) made the second place with a 1198S, closely followed by Hans van der Heijden (Ducati Zaltbommel) on a NCR Millona

Theo Kerssens was in the line up, also.

Next to the track you could see some specials, like this ... the first person who knows the answer get 50€ gift coupon for our shop!!! WON !!!!! HANS PASSBERGER,PASSAU !!!! IT WAS 906 PASO !!!!!!

In our pit we have shown some stuff, made by us.

Of course we presented our Demons and the stepless adjustable stearing head to the interested parties